Original Works or Prints ?

Original Works

The purchase of art is very personal. Each of us sees art in a different way. Some may seek a piece that will accent a room. Others may have a personal connection with a piece of art. Color plays a big roll in your decision. There is a reason you are drawn to different pieces of art. I am no different than you. While I may see merit in a piece that does not mean I would own it. One other factor involved with purchasing art is the price. It is probably more of a factor when you are younger. As you get older, you will earn more and most likely have more discretionary income. My best advice is keep your spending under control. Don’t try to haggle with an artist. It is an insult and you will regret it later. Stay within your budget. Let your collection grow with you.

Prints, etc.

I have never understood those that pooh pooh the idea of purchasing prints. As I look around my home, I have prints on the wall of paintings done by famous artists as well as prints of paintings done by local artists. I have prints I have purchased abroad and I have many I have purchased online. From an artists perspective, the fact that I have created an image that touches you deeply enough that you want to own it. My mission is accomplished. I began creating much too young to have ever factored becoming rich into any thought pattern. I saw what others created and I wanted to create too. If a print brings you joy – buy it! If you prefer a notepad or a pillow or a shower curtain, by all means make it yours. Your pleasure has always been my goal.